Daniele Santagiuliana Is Born On 8th December 1983.

(Some of his aliases are Danidanidani, aka dANi/ALvo, aka ANAL/divo, aka dANimal, dAMN-i/ALvo, or ALAN/void, known also as A.void, Old Foot Davis, dANi AnXiety, Joo-Joe Alley or DNA-I.)

Painter, Musician, Shaman, Graphic, Published Writer, Sound Designer, Creator Of Psychotropic Landscapes, Automatic Writings And Artworks, He Collaborated With Many Musicians And Artists Including (But Not Limited To): Val Denham, Doriandra Smith (Of EXP), Black Sun Productions, Deison & Mingle, Simon Balestrazzi, Le Cose Bianche, Corrado Altieri, Gianluca Becuzzi, Max Brody (Of Ministry And Test Apes), Albireon, Matthew Levi Stevens & Emma Doeve, Andrea Kundry, Ace Farren Ford, Alex G (Of Rosemary's Baby), Teatro Satanico, MuzaKiller Foundation, And His Works Has Been Published By Hallow Ground, Anarcocks, Final Muzik, BeTon, Old Evropa Cafe, This Winter Will Last Forever, And Rustblade Beside Other Indie Labels.

He Is Responsible For The Sound Of Music Acts As Anatomy (With Cristiano Deison), Testing Vault, Kotha, The Anguish, Pariah, Notorious Early Procedures (With Max Brody), Citizen Insane And Rana Porosa.
He Recorded A Tribute To Ira Cohen's Poetry Using The Powerful Voice Of The Legendary Poet Himself Thanks To Ira Cohen's Wonderful Family, And With The Help Of Chuck Collison And Gene Evans He Remastered And Released Premature Ejaculation's Legendary "Death Cultures" Tapes.
He Started Looney-Tick Productions On January 1st, 2013.

He Mixed And Mastered Also Artists Like Albireon, Ekra, E Aktion And CropCircle.
A Monography About His Most Known Musical Output (Testing Vault) Has Been Published  On Newhaven Journeyman Issue One.

The Donations Of Any Kind Will Help Him To Pursue His Artistic Career, Printing Discs, Books, Creating New Paintings And Developing More Ambitious Projects. And Of Course, Eat And Live.
Plus, For Every Donation Of 100 Dollars, You Will Receive A Signed Artwork Done Especially For You And At Least Two Looney-Tick Productions' Releases.
Thank You!!!