750 Euros To Go & Publishing Date Revealed!!!

Testing Vault Crowd Funding Is Going Ahead!!!
Yes, after “The Opal Sequence”, there is “The Cotard Ambience”.
What does this mean?
It is a drastic change in TV’s world, which will affect the sounds and the aesthetic of the whole project.
A new beginning after playing “psychotropic music” for four years (from 2011 to 2015) and five albums – and a call back, in some weird ways, to the beginning of Testing Vault. To the noise instead of the “aural sound”, to a more bleak, physically challenging and an apparently simpler and beastly form of expression.
This comeback was conceived under a long bad dream chopped up and divided in poetry, photographs, physical sounds treated to create not “walls of sound”, but “holes of sound” instead, where the thin line between danger and Art is actually very thin for the mind set of its creator.
The result?
More than FOUR HOURS of music divided in SIX DISCS, and an ART BOOK of 60 pages circa.
The aim was to raise 1200 Euros. And now we are 750 Euros away from the goal!!!
Two out of six discs has already been printed And The Box Will be Published By October 23, 2015!!!
I know, it’s a lot of money – and I am asking of the missing ones, as I already own already part of the total budget.
The box will be built and assembled using only the best material I can find – and for those who annoy the fuck out of the war CDS VS CDRS, yes, also this time it will be a CDRS BOXSET, it is a 50 copies boxset, of course it will be CDR-printed!!!
(“Duplication has made major strides over the last few years. Today mediocre duplication is superior to bad replication. And superior duplication is better than mediocre replication. Lastly, superior duplication is every bit as good as the best replication.”, quoting a company I don’t use but got a good answer to some boring people out there, so get over it).
But – I repeat – all will be printed at the best of the quality, so don’t complain if the price will be higher. If you want quality and quantity, here’s your occasion to grab something of all this in one snap.
The concept, the composition’s methods and many other things will be all explained as much as possible in the book and in the cds – but for now I just want to reveal the title of this box, which is
It will be sent out as soon as all the pieces will be put together.
In the meanwhile, how could you support this ambitious project?
Easy!, spreading this post and/or contributing!!!
There will be various degrees of contribution:
a) Pre-ordering the boxset, limited to 50 copies, for the advance price of 40Euros Registered Shipping Included Worldwide – The Box will reach you as soon as the copies will be assembled, printed and signed!!! The price of the box when it will be out, will be of 60 Euros.
b) Giving 100 Euros, you will be credited inside the box, as an “EXECUTIVE PRODUCER” and you will receive a copy of the box itself. NOTE THAT ALL BOXES WILL BE DISPATCHED WHEN THEY WILL BE ASSEMBLED OF COURSE!!!
c) You can go to the official Looney-Tick Productions’ shop http://www.eafmcart.blogspot.it/p/shop.html and buying some albums!!!
d) You can buy for 50 Euros one of a series of paintings which were created when the idea started to taking shape – they will not appear in the book, as the direction it turned out the music was beyond different from what I have expected – still it is art on wood, one of a kind, signed item – registered shipping included!!! (Click my personal profile for them)
e) You can go to the Discogs’ distro http://www.discogs.com/seller/dANiALvo/profile and... Buying some albums!!!
As you can see, you can help and participate in many different ways!!!
ALL DONATIONS CAN BE SENT TO: danielesantagiuliana at hotmail.com
Thanks for reading all this.