Extract From "The Disintegrator" available ONLY through Looney-Tick Productions Shop: http://www.eafmcart.blogspot.it/p/shop.html
Preorders Will Be Sent Out October The 1st, 2015.
6 pro-cdr in 4-panel slipcases + 60 pages book.
Testing Vault "The Disintegrator" Is Available At A Special Price Of 40 Euros Until October 23, 2015. After That, The Price Will Be Of 60 Euros.
This Box Set, Limited To 50 Copies, Contains The First Attempt To Create, Thanks To A Series Of Intuitions, What It's Called "Cotard Ambience", Instead Of The Usual "Dark Ambient" or "Post Industrial" Labels.
Why? Read The Book, Discover The Various Audio Trailers By Yourself, And You'll Get The Puzzle Together.
Dedicated To Rozz Williams Last Premature Ejaculation's Double Album "Wound Of Exit", This Box Takes That Formula For Bringing It To Its Maximum Expression, In The Mostly Uncompromising Way Ever.
39 Songs For More Than 4 Hours Of New Music.
More Than Your Average Power Electronics Release.
Ps - if you don't hear nothing in the first minute and more circa, it is intentional. Holes Of Sound instead of "Walls Of Sound". Just relax and Enjoy The Video.