New Testing Vault Collaboration Out Now!!!

This collaboration took two years for the concept to develope properly and the poetry to be wrote.

Daniele Santagiuliana had an apocalyptic dream where Maldoror behaviour and actions were took to the extreme and took the shape of the thin, crippled Nazist Joseph Goebbels (which, at various moments in the dream took different shapes since his Birth on a river under the shape of an elephant).

A world has been made from his Birth under the form of an elephant, but the scent of Self-Destruction, Sex and Death took everything to a parossistic level of violence, until the inevitable, tragic end, of his creator and of the World he created.

Michael Isaak took all the infos and the cut-ups Daniele provided (too many for being printed in a low-budget release) and wrote a long stream-of-consciousness, recording the voice at Michael Aliani (IKON) studio in Melbourne, Australia.

All was then chopped up, and prepared, remembering spoken words albums such as the ones from William Burroughs and Rozz Williams, and the old radio dramas which were so famous in the '50s.

The result is another piece of "Cotard Ambience", a challenging listening of drone music and speech, distorted, amplified or surrounded by a minimal approach.

Physical copies are limited to 40 and mostly pre-ordered. If some unclaimed copies will become available there will be for sale on Discogs. In the meanwhile please feel free to hear and support this new effort through bandcamp: